๓Oᗰ'Ⓢ 乃𝐈𝐫ᵗH𝓓𝔸ч pᗩᖇ𝐓𝕐
April 25th-May 2nd 2021
Gina Stucchio
Perception popcorns with our connotations springboarding reactions that may include (but are not limited to) sobbing, uncontrollable laughter, hiccuping, an over-awareness of being in a body, skin crawling, dissociative swirling, and celebratory dance when viewing or reading work by Gina Stucchio. She offers a stepping stone where we can steady ourselves amidst a whirlpool thought world and really look at each other—artist and viewer, as if across a fountain, through droplets of water... sweat...tears.. acid rain. One can choose to enter into or onto this platform, resulting in whatever may come, possibly including an exchange of childhood pasts, an anger release yell, waking up at midnight with a rediscovered memory, or a sensation of walking over a fire with bare feet.

In her words,
"...the work is basically an alternate universe where everything is what it is but kind of different. Everything exists in that alternate plain as itself but slightly askew in some way. So like.. Gina.. but geena.. this show is like what all the events throughout my writing did to my brain. Its what the inside of my brain looks like."